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5 Tips You Have to Remember When Shopping for Corner Shower Enclosure
When you want to free up some space in your bathroom but you still like to make it look fabulous, you may want to incorporate a corner shower enclosure. Here are excellent ways on how you can choose one and get the right value of your investment.
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5 Tips You Have to Remember When Shopping for Corner Shower Enclosure

Date Added: November 12, 2008 07:09:17 AM
Author: Lena Kavhovsky
Category: Computers & Internet: Discussion Forums: Design

5 Tips You Have to Remember When Shopping for Corner Shower Enclosure

Most of the homes today are not blessed with a lot of space. You can even see a lot of their bathrooms a bit cramped. However, it should not be an excuse for you not to add some touch of interior designing or decoration. You can start by choosing a corner shower enclosure.

This type of enclosure does not eat up a lot of space, since you can just let it sit in any corner of your bathroom. Moreover, you can choose to attach a corner shower enclosure directly into the wall, so there will be no space that is not maximized. Shopping for a corner shower enclosure, however, is a totally different thing. Just to make sure that you will not be wasting your dollars over the wrong kind, take note of the following tips:

  1. Identify the floor area of your bathroom. Even before you decide to buy a corner shower enclosure, know first the floor area of the bathroom where you are going to place it. This way, it becomes a lot easier for you to fit the enclosures in your room once you have already purchased it. The salesperson would also ask you the same information anyway, so you might as well be prepared for it.
  2. Go for those with tempered glass. A corner shower enclosure can be composed of different materials, but it is highly advisable that you pick the one that is composed of a tempered glass door. This kind of material is actually very strong and durable. It does not easily break when exposed to anything cold or hot. It also does not collapse easily because of too much pressure. Moreover, glass is very easy to clean. You can easily spot dirt and stain, and you can remove them just by using a clean cloth and water. For those that are harder to remove, there are cleaning agents that are very safe to apply to the glass.
  3. Get a seal of approval. It is very important for a consumer to remember that a corner shower enclosure will not and should not be sold unless it bears a seal of approval from United Laboratories. This seal will mean that the enclosures have undergone extensive tests to ensure that they are safe and very durable. If the product does not have one, it means that the material that has been used could be substandard, or it is sold illegally.
  4. Make sure that it has aluminum frame and stainless steel knobs. Since the enclosure is constantly exposed to water, one of the most common problems you will face is corrosion. If you do not like to spend a lot for maintenance of your corner shower enclosure, make sure that the frames and the knobs can tolerate corrosion.
  5. Buy from a legitimate store.  Whether you’re shopping online or in a home depot, ensure that the store you’re dealing with is legitimate and is known for excellent reputation. You are guaranteed with not only excellent corner enclosure but also customer service. Have more space in your bathroom using a corner shower enclosure.

has plenty of choices available for you. A lot of them are made of tempered glass and of stainless steel materials to ensure that they can last for a very long time.


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