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4 Ways to Looking for Modern Vanity Mirror

Date Added: November 12, 2008 07:06:58 AM
Author: Lena Kavhovsky
Category: Computers & Internet: Discussion Forums: Design

4 Ways to Looking for Modern Vanity Mirror

When you do not have enough space in your bathroom, add a modern vanity mirror. The way they refract light actually gives you the illusion of more room. You may also be happy to know that there are wide varieties of modern vanity mirrors that you can choose from.

To Frame or Not to Frame

Most of the modern vanity mirrors have frames, though there are others that only have beveled edges. If you do not have a lot of space, you can just go for the latter. However, if you want to settle for frames, you should know that there are plenty that you can choose from.

You just have to make sure that they do not eat up a lot of space. The common kinds of modern vanity mirror may include wood and chrome. The former is actually very expensive, since they are made of real hardwood.

However, you are assured that they are very durable. They are also highly rich in texture and always denote European influence. You can also add wood to your modern vanity mirror if you want to adapt a country-style into your bathroom.

Nevertheless, you have to remember that you have less variety for wood frames unless you add some accents right into the frames. Another popular choice for frames for your modern vanity mirror is the chrome. They may either be silver or brass.

The good thing about chrome frame is that it has the ability to refract light, which further helps the mirror to produce more space for your small bathroom. It is also very cheap, so you are in a tight budget, this is definitely a very good choice.

Chrome frames are excellent when you want to go minimalist or modern with your bathroom design. They Come in Different SizesIf you do not like to use frames, you can highlight your modern vanity mirror through its shape.

The usual ones are squares, though you can also choose oval or round shapes. Normally, when you have a countertop besides the sink, the squares are used. When you only have the sink, your vanity mirror can just be the round one.

When you have no other fixture inside the bathroom, you can go all the way with the vanity mirror. The ones that cover the entire wall of your bathroom can provide you with twice the space.

Try to Save Up

If you think you have a space to accommodate one vanity cabinet, make sure that it already has an accompanying mirror. You also have to be very careful in choosing your fixture, since you cannot definitely afford to add one. It should be able to hold all the things you need inside the bathroom, such as towels and toiletries.

Add Some Light

One of the best additions to your vanity mirror will be lighting fixtures. You can place them directly on top of the mirror or at the sides. You can also select smaller lights and then add them to the sides of the frames. Add more storage and style into your bathroom with a modern vanity cabinet.

www.surplusdecor.com has a long range of choices that will surely be great additions to your home. You can go from Oriental, Asian, American, European, to the limit of your imagination.


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